General Rules of Library

  • Membership of TMA Library is free of charge and includes access to library materials in printed and electronical forms, as well as periodicals and internet service;
  • Reader may use material-technical resources of TMA library, including 10 personal computers, connected to fast internet, printer and scanner, and is permitted to print up to 10 pages;
  • Books, which are available at the library with limited quantity, (up to 5 copies) can not be checked out from library.  Reader is permitted to borrow book for use in the reading hall. Reader may also copy separate pages from the book, borrow it for lecture and return to library afterwards.
  • Reader is permitted to check out desired book from the library for period of one week. In case, if reader will be in need of already checked out book after due date, he/she must visit library and postpone return deadline, in case if no further reservation is being made by another user. Student is able to check out a book up to 2 weeks period, in case if book is not under demand.
  • Reader is obliged to return checked out literature within due date, otherwise Academy retains right to impose a penalty for each extended day, in accordance to the rate, determined by the administration;
  • Checked out literature may be revoked any time before return date by librarian;
  • In case of loss, reader is obliged to substitute lost book with identical book of same author or pay actual cost of the book as a fine;
  • In case of damage, (damaged cover, torn pages, underlined, highlighted text or any other indication/alteration) reader is obliged to pay a fine, amount of which will be determined by the actual cost of the book;
  • Librarian has right to change terms and conditions of checkout under certain circumstances and not lend a book to reader with history of overdue, book damage or loss;
  • Reader is permitted to reserve a book without appearing at the library, through electronic reservation system OPAC.

At the library are strongly forbidden: noise, use of cellphone, consuming any food, (including snacks like popcorn, chips, crackers etc.) animals, gambling or any card/board games, leaving computers turned on and leaving chairs and tables disorderly.

Working hours of the library: Monday-Friday: from 9:00 to 21:00 and Saturdays – from 10:00 to 18:00

After hours any question or query may be addressed to the librarians on following numbers: 599198762 – Mrs. Maia Maghlakelidze; 593338743– Mrs. Nana Berikashvili; or alternately by email:


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