Tbilisi Medical Academy
Dean's Message


It is a great honor for me to head the Medical Faculty of the Tbilisi Medical Academy (Academy) named after Petre Shotadze.

Over the 30 years of its history, the Academy has established itself as a university focused on continuous development and high quality medical education, with a steadily growing authority and a special institutional culture.

The Medical Doctor is among the top most demanded professions, the number of applicants to enter the academy is steadily growing from year to year, although we do not change the principle of accepting a limited contingent to ensure the best quality of education.

The mission of the Academy is to train professionals at the national and international level, at the same time it is our public responsibility. We understand the challenges of medical education and put all our efforts and resources into introducing innovative technologies and teaching and learning methods, join the best world experience and at the same time are open to share our achievements.

With an integrated student- and patient-centered curriculum, the Academy ensures that students develop independent learning, critical thinking, decision-making, time management, teamwork, and research skills. Social events and projects in which our students actively participate increase their empathy and social responsibility.

According to the unanimous opinion of our students, the Academy creates for them a very special native and stress-free environment, here they listen to them and take into account theier opinion.

If you are now deciding to become a student of the Academy, I assure you, this will be your best choice.

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“Learn to serve, live to Love” is our worldview!

Medicine starts here!


Lally Mekokishvili

MD., PhD., Professor

Dean of the School of Medicine