International Mobility

ERASMUS+ at Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy
Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy (TMA) aspires to establish itself as an active participant of Erasmus+ family. We have strong desire and eagerness to engage in Credit Mobility programs with EU Higher Education Institutions, as well as CBHE projects, in order to share and obtain valuable experience towards internationalization from European HEIs.
TMA realizes importance of internationalization through participation in ERASMUS+ projects and welcomes cooperation opportunities with EU Countries, with focus on following countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.

Available Courses
Currently TMA offers students opportunities to spend one or two academic semesters at 6 Year MD Program. (taught language: English) The course is divided in three stages: Basic, Clinical and General Training. In the frames of Bologna Process, academic process at Tbilisi Medical Academy is based on the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) which is the foundation for international recognition. More detailed course description can be found here.
TMA also encourages international staff mobility and welcomes incoming academic as well as administrative staff to share experience with local staff and students.   

Eligibility Criteria
From second, up to fifth year of study, students are considered to be eligible for participation in ERASMUS+ projects. First and sixth year students are non-eligible for participation.
In order to apply, students must have least GPA 2.5, as well as be fluent in English. Minimum requirement for English proficiency is B2 Students, who are enrolled to English taught program, do not need any additional proof of language proficiency. .
Staff mobility in any field of Medicine, as well as Health Sciences are eligible to visit TMA for short term mobility. Staff members of Nursing and Biomedical Science faculties can also be considered eligible for mobility. Minimum level of English proficiency is C1 Staff members, who are teaching on English taught programs, do not need any additional proof of language proficiency. .
For further queries regarding eligibility, please contact TMA Erasmus+ office at

Selection Process:
The application process takes place twice per academic year: in February for fall semester; in September for spring semester.
Call for applications and exact dates are announced in the News section of the TMA website. Information regarding applications is also sent to students and staff members through TMA intranet, as well as displayed on the information boards.
Within indicated dates, students and staff member should fill application form and submit with motivational letter (up to 500 words) at following email:
Applications submitted after deadline, will not be considered.
After application deadline, selection procedure is carried out, which takes up to two weeks. Local candidates, who have no proof of English proficiency, (valid TOEFL, IELTS certificates) will be invited to internal language examination. Successful candidates will be invited on head to hear interview with selecting board, consisting of members of Dean’s office, Administration and International Department.
Applications of successful candidates will be nominated to host Universities for further approval and determination of learning/work plan of candidate.     
Nominated candidates from partner Universities, will be directed to Dean’s office for further approval and elaboration of learning/work plan.

Grading System
TMA follows an ECTS based grading system. Each subject is assessed with 100 points, with following distribution:
Class attendance, daily activity and independent work: 40 points
Midterm Examination: 20 points (takes place in 8th week of semester)
Final examination: 40 points.
The grades awarded can be following:

  • 100 – 91 pts: Excellent;
  • 81 – 90 pts: Very good;
  • 71 – 80 pts: Good;
  • 61 – 70 pts: Sufficient;
  • 51 – 60 pts: Satisfactory
  • 41 – 50 pts: Fx (student may repeat examination)
  • < 41 – F (student must repeat subject)

In order to be admitted to the final examination, student must accumulate at least 31 points during semester, through midterm examination and class activities.
Examination is considered passed, in case if student accumulates at least 20 points.
A credit is being awarded, in case if student accumulates at least 51 points total. (31+20)
In case if student accumulates 41-49 points total, a permission to repeat examination is granted.
In case if student fails to accumulate 41 points total, subject is considered to be failed and should be repeated.
TMA does not provide students with accommodation. TMA is ready to advice incoming student/staff regarding external housing opportunities. For further information contact
Students and staff members, coming to TMA from EU countries for short term (less than three months) period, do not need a visa to arrive to Georgia. Candidates, intending to travel to Georgia for longer periods, must check visa requirements on following link:  

CBHE Projects
TMA is most eager to participate in CBHE projects and welcomes initiatives for cooperation.
So far, TMA has successfully participated in DECERPH Tempus project and has experience of international cooperation within consortia.  

Additional Information
Incoming students, looking for further information, may visit website of Erasmus+ local office in Georgia at as well as contact TMA Erasmus office at
Further information regarding internationalization strategy and vision of TMA can be obtained here.