World AIDS Day In TMA 2021-12-02
World AIDS Day In TMA

On the occasion of World AIDS Day, TMA held a hybrid event, with the participation of the representatives of UNAIDS, non-governmental sector, students, and activists of this cause. The meeting was dedicated to the risks associated with the disease and the effective ways for its prevention.

Ani Shakarishvili, Special Advisor, Team Lead at UNAIDS; Lecturer at Milken Public Health Institute, George Washington University, joined the meeting online. She talked about the topic "The global AIDS epidemic: Current state, imperatives, and setbacks for ending it by 2030”. Nino Tsereteli, Executive Director at Center for Information and Counseling on Reproductive Health “TANADGOMA” discussed the topic “HIV/AIDS in Georgia - Inequalities Hindering Prevention”.

TMA students also held presentations during the meeting. Alexander Saghliani focused on the HIV/AIDS mechanisms and current ways of treatments, while Rishu Shah spoke about current research and possible cures.

The event was also attended by HIV/AIDS activist Giorgi Wazovski, who shared his experience with the audience. 

"It was very nice to participate in your event, I have gladly agreed to this offer. It was very important for me to understand the opinion of young students, their perceptions of this disease. Also, how information about this condition is provided and taught in Georgian Universities. Thank you very much for this opportunity” – Giorgi Wazovski.

Prior to the meeting, TMA had announced a writing contest dedicated to this date.  TMA students submitted their blogs dedicated to World AIDS Day. A special jury comprised of the representatives of TMA, NGO sector, and an HIV/AIDS activist, nominated two of them as the winners, while another winner was nominated by the audience. All students were awarded certificates. Selected blogs will be published on the TMA website and social media pages.

"For me, as for the first-year student, it was quite new experience to talk about this topic. Until now I had no information about HIV/AIDS, I only knew what was causing this disease. Now that I have heard more, this issue has become even more interesting. Events like this are interesting for me, as for a future doctor. I do not feel like a student who only needs to acquire theoretical knowledge and apply it in further practice. These topics depict social problems, which I think are important for all doctors” Tamar Dandurishvili, a first-year medical student.

The event was organized by TMA Institutional Culture Development Department in collaboration with the Science Club.

Additional Resources - Presentations shared during the meeting:

Ani Shakarashvili - The global AIDS epidemic: Current state, imperatives, and setbacks for ending it by 2030

Nino Tsereteli - HIV/AIDS in Georgia - Inequalities Hindering Prevention

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