For students of Tbilisi State Medical University and Tbilisi Medical Academy

Monday, June 8th, 18:00 – 19:00 (Georgian time) (GMT+4)

Created by a team of dedicated physicians from around the world, AMBOSS is an interactive library of 20,000+ medical topics interlinked with a Question Bank with nearly 5,000 clinical case-based questions. With all the necessary resources in one place, AMBOSS instantly delivers up-to-date medical knowledge to students, physicians, and faculty globally.

At this workshop, students learnt how AMBOSS can help them to excel in medical school, to become better clinicians and prepare for international exams such as the USMLE. They acquired the information how to increase their medical knowledge to improve their ability to apply and recall what they’ve read. Students have learnt how to make the best use of the platform’s extensive learning card library and Qbank offerings. They were trained how to keep track of their overall progress using AMBOSS built-in analysis tools. The workshop has been followed by a Q & A session.

Presenters were:

Dr. Ryan Colaço  physician from India. He is currently a Medical Editor and the IMG-Affairs Manager at the Berlin headquarters of AMBOSS.

Dr. Tanner Schrank is an American physician who studied medicine in Poland. He is the AMBOSS Partnerships Manager for Eastern & Central Europe.