Series Of Trainings In TMA

September 10-11 –Teaching staff training around general principles and methodologies of medical education. Training was attended by the members of academic and invited teaching staff. Within frames of the training were covered important areas, such as: student-oriented learning, active learning methods, trends and novelties of higher medical education, feedback in education and institutional quality culture

September 9 - The training of Anatomic Table (Anatomage). Meeting was intended for TMA academic staff, who will be able to use the anatomical table resources in the learning process. Training was led by Ia Khakhutaishvili, Head of Anatomy,Histology & Embryology department and Salome Khubulava, Affiliated Assistant in the same field.

September 5 - Online training for Portfolio Mentors. Meeting was intended for TMA academic staff, who will be involved in implementation of Portfolio according to the new accredited programme. The training was led by Nele Micheles, MD, GP, PhD, President of EURACT (European Academy of Teachers, in General Practice/Family Medicine) , Coordinator at the Centre for General Practice & Skills Lab (University of Antwerp, Belgium).