New scientific bases

Petre Shotadze Medical Academy has recently became a member of University Consorcium established by Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation. Within the framework of agreement between  Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation and ELSEVIER - world’s largest International Publisher, members of Consourcium have a full access to the ELSEVIER’s  online databases. Consequently, Petre Shotadze Medical Academy, hereafter has access to such databases as:
(covers over 2,500 scholarly journals)
(the largest abstract and citation database in the world)  
Those databases are multidisciplinary and covers thousands of peer-reviewed scholarly journals as in Medical field as well as in other fields of Science. Full-text PDF as well as abstracts of articles that those journals contain are now available for users of Medical Academy.
Access to the ELSEVIER online databases – finding relevant content, evaluating the relevance of the scholarly articles - helps TMA students and academic personal in improving their level of educational or scientific activities and helps them to keep track of the latest studies in Medical field.