Alumni Association Membership

Member of TMA Alumni Association can become any graduate of TMA. In order to sign up for membership, candidates should fill corresponding electronic form and submit it accordingly.  

Each member of Alumni Association is automatically a representative and ambassador of Alumni Association.  

Administrative body of TMA Alumni Association is Executive Committee, delegates of hich are elected from the association members electronically, via secret ballot. 

Main directions of Alumni Association activities: 

  • Organizing short-term study courses and workshops; 

  • Facilitating and participating in scientific forums and clinical conferences through active cooperation with TMA; 

  • Planning and implementing timeline of public lectures; 

  • Establishing new contacts, as well as using existing ones, in order to facilitate international studies and provide students with counselling regarding educational opportunities abroad; 

  • Facilitating networking between foreign colleagues and TMA; as well as organizing joint lectures, seminars and other scientific activities.  

  • Organizing and delivering trainings for students and teaching staff