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Rector's Message


Rector's Message

Dear Students!

First of all, I would like to point out, that start of the semester was intended to have a completely different format, however recent events and Covid-19 Pandemic, which has embraced the whole globe, posed exceptional circumstances and new challenges for Georgia - as part of the globe; and TMA - as an educational institution particularly.

By all means, taking into consideration present reality, our top priority is to ensure a safe and healthy environment for each of you.
At the same time, it is essential that abovementioned complexities do not inhibit study processes, hence we are ready to employ all of our available resources and devotion, in order to preserve and enforce your interests.

As you were informed, from March 16 onwards, TMA proceeds with distant learning system within frames of both basic and clinical disciplines. Clearly, some errors might arise during first times, moreover, such format of learning will significantly inhibit clinical learning process, yet I am full of confidence, that Dean’s office and academic staff of TMA will do their best to keep away possible obstacles from your educational journey while remaining safe and healthy.

In order to ensure continuity of study processes at the clinical phase of education and taking into consideration present condition at our affiliated clinics, was made a decision to revise and rearrange educational plans. Consequently, higher year students will have opportunities to join and undertake study courses, which are not meant to develop practical skills and do not require clinical setting for teaching, (Such as: Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Legal Basis of Clinical Practice etc.) based on the prerequisite principle.   

At the same time, your continuous involvement within stated processes is essential, as only through dialogue and mutual exchange of ideas, will be possible to identify and find resolutions for any complexity or errors within processes, related to distant learning.

I hope, we, TMA – as a strong institutional community, will be able to overcome this global challenge through mutual support and encouragement and very soon get back to our usual lifestyle, enriched with new and valuable experiences.    

Irene Shotadze