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TMA's project - Kids University 'Medicine and Art'


TMA's project - Kids University 'Medicine and Art'

Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy (TMA) is implementing the project – Kids University “Medicine and Art”. The project related activities will be performed in July 2020. Kids University is dedicated to the X, XI, and XII classes pupils of the elementary school. It aims presentation of the data concerning medicine and art in funny, conspicuous and integrative form to the auditorium. It should be noted that the correlation between medicine and art has been formed over the centuries. Medical doctors were made the drawings while studying human body; all of us remember Leonardo da Vinci drawings. Furthermore, the success of some artists was due to their anatomical specificities: the joints of the virtuoso of violin, Niccolo Paganini, were unusually elastic; two rowed eyelashes of the actress Elizabeth Taylor ensure the especial depth of her gaze, and so on.

In the frames of the Kids University the participants will attend lectures and seminars and also independently perform the simple experiments by the using of the resources and possibilities of TMA laboratory, simulation clinic and virtual reality. Special attention will be paid on activities by enrollment in which the participants will acquire skills to plan scientific-research project, prepare presentation and participate in the conference “Medicine and Art”.

The project Kids University “Medicine and Art” is funded by the Shota Rustaveli Science National Foundation of Georgia in the frames of science popularization targeted call for proposals 2019. The registration of the participants is performed now.

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