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“Medicine and Art” – MICROBIOLOGY


“Medicine and Art” – MICROBIOLOGY

The Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy is realizing the project – Kids University “Medicine and Art”. Registration is required for participation in the project -

Microorganisms were and are one of the main cause of morbidity and mortality on the earth. Bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites are more likely to be responsible for many diseases. Nevertheless, each attempt of visualization and recognition of microorganisms shows a surprisingly beautiful, mysteriously colorful world. The various bacteria shown on the culture media in the microbiological laboratory create an amazing color gamut, so it has become a source of inspiration for many researchers.

Petri dishes - canvas, inoculation loop - brush, bacterial culture - color gamma. This is how Microbial Art is created. The founder of this 'painting technique' is the famous Scottish scientist, Alexander Fleming, who discovered the first antibiotic (penicillin). His ballerinas and soldiers depicted with bacterial colonies on Petri dishes laid the foundation for the integration of art and microbiology. It is noteworthy that the American Association of Microbiologists annually organizes a competition to reveal the best work of Microbial Art.

Here is the example – owl, the TMA symbol, of Microbial Art created in the Microbiological laboratory of the Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy. Try to master this unusual 'painting technique', register and get involved in the project.