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Together We Rise for Breast Cancer Awareness


Together We Rise for Breast Cancer Awareness

Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy (TMA) in partnership with the National Screening Center within the frameworks of the Pink October activities organized a breast cancer prevention awareness-raising event.

The event featured thematic posters prepared by TMA students highlighting the importance of information dissemination and advocating early screening in women. In addition, the students discussed the main findings of the research project "Supporting the Universal Dissemination of Cancer Screening" commissioned in cooperation with the National Screening Center. „The main goal of this campaign for me and my group members, as students of the academy and future doctors is to maximize public awareness. The inspiration for our poster is the awareness of the people and the biggest inspiration is the people who are fighting this disease. I think it is important to prevent, detect and treat the disease in a timely manner. This is what Pink October helps us with ” - Catherine Sonia Gabis, a first-year student.

Moreover, Tamar Skhirtladze, Head of the Medical Department of the National Screening Center, and Tamar Ninikashvili, Radiologist delivered their keynotes and thematic presentations.

At the end of the event photographer, Davit Koridze presented his works about women cured of breast cancer and told their stories. The event served to highlight the connection between art and medicine and to emphasize the importance of empathy between patient and doctor.

October (Pink October) is dedicated to raising awareness about breast cancer. This year's slogan is "Together We Rise" and the campaign focuses on such an important topic as supporting each other because no one should fight cancer alone.