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Medicine – the Story Presented by Art


Medicine – the Story Presented by Art

Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy (TMA) is realizing the project "Medicine – the Story Presented by Art". The project is dedicated to the students of XI-XII classes of elementary school. It aims the presentation of the history of medicine through the analysis of art to raise awareness about the role of science, research and innovation and to interest young generations in science. For example, sketches depicting anatomical studies of Leonardo da Vinci are well known, although themes of infectious diseases, epidemics and vaccinations, medical procedures, and physician's professional clothing have a special focus in arts too. The paintings of Salvador Dali' may correlate with biotechnology. Furthermore, physicians, patients, clinics, anatomical theaters, wards, or physician consultation scenes are presented in arts; by analysis of the represented in arts characteristic features or characters, specific disease can be identified. In this respect the fresques of Italian nobles’ palaces, Bosch’s paintings, etc. are distinguished and interesting. The analysis of the bioethical aspects by review of the objectives presented in arts is of utmost importance. It is especially important to analyze the bioethical aspects based on the facts presented in the works of art. The presented project will present the mentioned facts and their interpretations to the general public in a funy and interactive manner.

Project “Medicine – the Story Presented by Art” is funded by Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgia in the frames of 2021 target grant competition for science popularization. At present the registration of participants is performed.

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