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Integration Week at TMA


Integration Week at TMA

As part of the integration week, TMA students had a meeting with real patients. This encounter served to put students in touch with real patients already at the preclinical stage of teaching and enabled them to use the knowledge and skills acquired during the various training courses to better understand patients’ problems.

"This kind of events are interesting for us as future doctors, because proper communication between doctor and patient is one of the important aspects. Today we have seen a good example of how to have a dialogue with the patient. We are now studying diabetes and the endocrine system, and direct communication with the patient helped us a lot in deepening our theoretical knowledge." - Sandro Sagliani, a medical student of the 2nd year

Students had the opportunity to observe the interaction between the patients with diabetes and their doctor, to ask them questions, and to discuss this topic.

"I love relationships with young people, and communication with the future doctors was very important to me. They listened carefully and asked interesting questions. I tried to give them thorough answers. I think this practical experience will help students to deepen their professional knowledge, so I will gladly take part in similar activities at other times as well. It has a positive effect on me when the questions are varied, you look at yourself from the side, and this is an interesting and useful process "- Patient Asmat Guliashvili, 67 years old.

At the end of the meeting, the students were divided into groups and were given one week to work on the cases of the diabetic patients provided by the teachers and were asked to present the posters afterwards.

The final stage of the integration week is the Team-Based Learning (TBL) session, where students are required to work on an integrated assignment.