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Online Seminar - "Endocarditis"


Online Seminar -

TMA organized an online seminar on " Endocarditis - A Rare Cause of ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction. Clinically Oriented Approach to a Basic Review of the Disease." The seminar was led by Revaz Jorbenadze, MD Ph.D., Cardiologist, Attendant of the Department of Cardiology, Clinics of Stuttgart, Germany.

The speaker presented scientific and clinical details related to endocarditis, modern approaches to the diagnosis and management of this nosology. Reviewed the reports of rare cases, including ST-elevation infarction-type endocarditis.

The seminar was attended by TMA students and the faculty members, as well as practicing doctors working in different regions of Georgia. Participants had the opportunity to share their opinions with the speaker, to hear his expert opinion on the management of non-standard cases of endocarditis.