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The Team-Based Learning (TBL) session


The Team-Based Learning (TBL) session

The Team-Based Learning (TBL) session was held for students at the final stage of the integration week. The session aimed to develop students' skills of independent work, teamwork, communication, and critical thinking, and to teach the principles of evidence-based medicine.

"TBLS is one of the ways to show the TMA students the importance of teamwork. Medicine is without frontiers/borders, inexhaustible, and rapidly evolving., so it is necessary not only to have various specialists at the same medical establishments but also to enable them to work closely together to achieve the best possible results for the patient, including the best results" - Salome Buliskeria, lecturer at TMA.

One week before the session, the lectures introduced the students to the purpose of the TBL session, and the learning outcomes, divided them into groups, and provided literature. During the session, students worked in groups on a patient's case and a relevant assignment. The assignment required the integration of knowledge gained by the students within the module (anatomy, histology, physiology) and the solution of a clinical problem.

"TBL accustoms us to teamwork, students work together on integrated assignments, which in the future will help us provide effective and complete service to the patient. Right now we are going through the endocrine system, studying various diseases including diabetes. Direct communication with the real patient helped us to better understand the topic. We have discussed a diabetes case and presented posters around this topic "- Iako Barabadze, a 2nd-year medical student.

Mentors assessed both the students' integrated homework as well as their interpersonal skills.