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TMA faculty Members has gained the status of a Specialist in Medical Education


TMA faculty Members has gained the status of a Specialist in Medical Education

TMA continues to support the continued professional development of its staff. In the field of medical education, the training courses offered by The Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) are an important step in this direction.

TMA Faculty Members Tsisana Lomashvili (Head of Educational Program), Ia Khakhutaishvili (Curriculum Committee Member), and Maka Zarnadze (Curriculum Committee Member) completed four training courses "Essential Skills in Medical Education'' organized by AMEE and gained the status of a Specialist in Medical Education. This is important for TMA to integrate into the European Educational Space.

“The training courses were organized by the AMEE regional representation in Georgia and were led by AMEE President Trevor Gibbs. These courses allowed us to get acquainted with the innovations of medical education methodology in the format of active and quite busy workshops. In addition to the mandatory training activity, the trainees were asked to complete a post-training assignment (training reflection) to describe what knowledge we had acquired during the training and how to apply it in practice. In the course of the training, we also conducted two studies on medical education methodology - “The impact of the preclinical online Flipped Classroom (FC) on the critical thinking, a group working and independent learning abilities from student’s perspective” and “The impact of the Self-Reflection on the identification learning needs of the Medical Students during preclinical years”. One study was presented at the AMEE 2021 Glasgow Conference as an oral presentation and the other at the AMEE 2022 Lyon Conference. The involvement of the academy in this training is important because at this time we learn about the innovations in medical education methodology. We share the acquired knowledge and experience with colleagues and jointly try to introduce modern standards of teaching, learning, and assessment in TMA”- Maka Zarnadze”.

To gain the status of a medical education specialist, six more TMA staff are currently involved in AMEE training courses.