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Six Days of Country Doctor


Six Days of Country Doctor

TMA launches a new project "Six Days of Country Doctor". The pilot project aims to emphasize the relationship between medicine and art, which will allow students to reflect through art, in particular through photography, on the daily life and work process of the country doctor, to show their role and importance of them.

 A meeting was held to get detailed information about the project, which was chaired by the project manager, photographer Leli Blagonravova. Students will be selected based on the motivation letter, through a competition, and will be trained by photographer Leli Blagonravova and representatives of other media. The selected 6 students will have the opportunity to acquire skills such as photography, blogging, writing, and storytelling.

The selected students will be paired and will travel for 5 days to get acquainted with the work and life of local country doctors in the mountainous region of Adjara. During the expedition, students should photograph the diverse lives of 3 doctors and at the same time write a blog and/or essay depicting a specific day. In this way, TMA students follow the stories of local doctors and show colleagues and the community the versatility of the medical profession.

The duration of the project is 5 months, the first phase will start in June and will include preparatory work during the summer, and an expedition is planned for the beginning of September.

At the final stage of the project, exhibitions, meetings, and webinars will be organized, where students involved in the project will share their experiences with the public, and also the brochures will be published.