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IFMSA Student Committee will be established at TMA


IFMSA Student Committee will be established at TMA

TMA has initiated a selection process for the   student representatives for IFMSA. In the frame of the program, each year, students have the opportunity to go on a one-month clinical internship in different countries (Europe, Turkey, South America, and Asia).

  Tinatin Kuchukhidze, an IFMSA Officer in Georgia, spoke with TMA students about the stages of student selection, and program implementation. She shared the information with the students about IFMSA local committees in Georgian universities, discussed how they work and what rights and responsibilities do the members have. Future activities were planned at the meeting, including the issue of setting up a student committee at TMA.

  IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students ’Association) is a subsidiary of the World Health Organization (WHO), an international non-governmental student organization that brings together more than a million medical students. IFMSA has 132 member organizations in 124 countries around the world, the organization works closely with the United Nations (UN), the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE), and others. In December 2018, through the Georgian Medical Students Association (GMSA), he became a full member of the TMA Association. Every year 7-8 students from TMA travel for one month's internship in different countries. We also host international students.

 "We had a meeting with the IFMSA representative, where we discussed what this organization offers to medical students, in terms of clinical and social projects and research. Students have the opportunity to get acquainted with various international organizations and participate in the projects implemented by IFMSA and GMSA in our country. It is useful for us as future doctors to be involved in these projects, because the experience gained will help us to deepen our professional knowledge. Therefore, I have a great desire to make the most out of this opportunity, to participate in this project, and become a member of the IFMSA Student Committee in TMA "- Tamar Kobulashvili, a second-year medical student.