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Photo project - Six Days of Country Doctor


Photo project - Six Days of Country Doctor

Within the framework of the Tbilisi Medical Academy photo project "6 Days of Country Doctor", six winning students were selected. The project aims to emphasize the relationship between medicine and art, which will allow students to reflect through art, in particular through photography, on the daily life and work process of the country doctor, to show their role and their importance.

The project manager, photographer Leli Blagonravova, together with the participating students formed three teams, whose members will be involved in the implementation of the project.

The students formed the following 3 teams:
"Gamma" - Nino Gagua and Mariam Mamisashvili;
"Power Puff" - Mariam Jorbenadze and Irinka Isiani;
"Gantiadi" - Ninutsa Pangani and Nanuka Katchiuri.

  The preparation period lasts for two months. During this time, selected students will undergo training, also they will have the opportunity to acquire new skills such as photography, blogging, writing, and storytelling.

Within the framework of the project, the members of the participating team will travel to the mountainous region of Adjara as an expedition in the autumn. TMA students will document the activities and life of local country doctors for five days through photography, as well as write a blog and/or essay.  In this way, students will tell the community about the diverse lives of three doctors and show colleagues and the community the versatility of the medical profession.

  An exhibition will be held at the final stage of the project.