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Alzheimer's Awareness Day


Alzheimer's Awareness Day

Alzheimer's Awareness Day was celebrated at TMA. The event was organized by the Dandy TMA local club and in cooperation with the Alzheimer's Association of Georgia. TMA students reviewed issues related to the disease: clinical signs of the disease, its diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment methods, the latest research in this direction, etc. The representatives of the Alzheimer's Association, project coordinator/assistant to the president of the association Ana Kiknadze and project manager Luka Diasamidze also participated in the event. They focused on the problems, stigma, and challenges associated with Alzheimer's disease.

In the end, TMA student Saba Chikobava presented to the audience the study "A-251 A Community-Based Longitudinal Study of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) in Georgia". Other TMA students were also involved in the implementation of the study. The study dealt with such an important issue as dementia. Dementia is a progressive disorder associated with the decline of cognitive function and the ability to carry out daily activities. The study is published in the Oxford Journal of Clinical Neuropsychology -