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Discussion on mental health issues


Discussion on mental health issues

The discussion about mental health issues in TMA continues. TMA psychologist Ani Rainauli spoke to the students about depression and stress management in an interactive meeting. Also, she provided information about the counseling service that TMA offers to its students. 

Student counseling service includes psycho-counseling, which can be used by any student of TMA. As part of the consultation, the psychologist talks to the student individually and reacts according to the situation.

In addition, two TMA students presented a thematic presentation at the meeting. Lizi Mokvanidze presented to the audience "Mental disorders in painting" and gave a detailed overview of how depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety disorder were reflected in the works of famous artists. Medea Kusiani discussed nervous and mental disorders in art. Both in painting and architecture, literature, and cinematography.

"Mental health is important. Such events along with raising awareness, allow us to be more aware of ourselves and the people around us. It's good that stereotypes are being broken and such meetings really contribute to this because mental health is as important as physical health" - Ana Gogoladze, second-year medical student.