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Tbilisi Neurosurgical Symposium


Tbilisi Neurosurgical Symposium

Georgia hosted the "Tbilisi Neurosurgical Symposium". The symposium program included not only neurosurgery but also neurology, neuroradiology, and other related fields.

Maka Zarnadze, Associate Professor of the Tbilisi Medical Academy and Manager of Continuous Professional Development took part in the panel discussion held within the symposium. The topic of the discussion was " Medical Education and its Challenges in Georgia”.

The panelists reviewed such important topics as dealing with mental health problems in medical students, neurosurgery as part of the curriculum, the development of clinical skills in students, challenges in the stage of clinical training, etc. The panelists also answered questions from the audience. 

Leading neurosurgeons and neurologists from regional countries participated in the symposium organized by Walter E. Dandy Neurosurgical Club Georgia. The list of speakers included Georgian and foreign scientists and doctors: Prof. Zaal Kokai, Prof. Fehrettin Kelestemur, Prof. Alexander Tsiskarishvili, Prof. Nejat Akalan, and others.