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"It was a very pleasant experience. I saw better the relationship between the doctor and the patient, I also saw how doctors are needed in different places. For the local population, the doctor was not only a healer but more, a family member, and support. I think now I understand better where I am needed" - Mariam Jorbenadze, student.

Within the framework of the 30th anniversary week of Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy, a photo exhibition "6 Days of the Country Doctor" was held.

Does the connection between medicine and art allow us to understand complex issues such as medical professionalism? To answer this question, TMA implemented a new, completely different, trans-disciplinary student photo project.

Within the framework of the project, six students of TMA, participating in the expedition organized in the Adjara region, observed the daily life and work process of country doctors in Skhalta, Ghorjomi, and Khulo for one week and captured them with a photo camera.

"My future colleagues brought a very positive charge. They got to know the work of a country doctor in the mountainous region, learned to communicate with the patient, and saw great love between us and the citizens. It was also nice that such a project has never been implemented, they were able to show the role and importance of the country doctor with photos" - Shorena Tsinaridze, a doctor from Khulo.

The uniqueness of this initiative lies in the fact that future doctors had the opportunity to see the work of a country doctor from the side, imagine their role and record the work process on tape. The project, which echoes the institutional culture and mission of the Tbilisi Medical Academy, aims, on the one hand, to raise awareness of doctors living in mountainous regions, and on the other hand, to promote the motivation for employment of young doctors in rural areas.

“Based on our institutional culture and social responsibility, we implemented the project "6 Days of the Country Doctor". The goal is to raise the awareness of country doctors in society and at the same time to instill professionalism among students. We hope that with such projects, our future doctors will be much more observant, empathetic, and considerate, in general, a transdisciplinary approach is important to us. For several years now, we have been implementing the project "Medicine and Art", which is a logical link with this new project" - Irene Shotadze, Rector of Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy.

At the first stage of the photo project, the students learned the basics of photography, went through a two-month preparatory stage with the photographer and co-author of the project, Leli Blagonravova, and also mastered the techniques of storytelling and writing.

At the photo exhibition, the medical students introduced to the public the diverse lives of the doctors of the mountainous Adjara and shared with their colleagues and the public the profession of a doctor seen from their perspective.

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