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TMA Alumni Club

Tbilisi Medical Academy formed an Alumni Club. The purpose of the club is to bring together TMA students, alumni, and administrative staff, to form and develop social and professional connections among club members, and to conduct activities focused on a variety of topics using evidence-based knowledge. Also, promote alumni stories through blogs and other social media channels.

For this purpose, the first meeting of the Alumni Club was held in TMA, which was attended by TMA graduates, academic and administrative staff.

Within the framework of the meeting, TMA graduates of different generations shared their experiences with the audience - Eter Kiguradze, director of the National Screening Center, and Zviad Kereselidze, cardiologist, interventional cardiologist, head of the cardio-intensive department of the Tbilisi Heart Center. Both of them emphasized the importance of establishing the Alumni Club and mentioned that they wish to cooperate with their future colleagues through mentoring programs, lectures, and workshops.

It should be noted that Aleksandre Kvernadze, the graduate of TMA, who is a children's surgeon and works in many clinics across Georgia, already cooperates with TMA in the field of children's surgery.

Within the framework of the meeting, the graduates expressed their readiness to plan various programs, which will give TMA students the opportunity to undergo work practice in a clinical environment under the supervision of alumni.

"I am glad about the creation of the alumni club. I like this idea because I think that 90% of success depends on well-developed networking. I am ready to cooperate with my university and future colleagues. On my part, I have the opportunity to provide an internship for TMA students in the clinic Curatio, and it is also possible to offer students the position of an assistant, which will be paid, according to their educational level. In addition, I can assist students with internships in the insurance field, and managerial positions, the clinic also conducts a lot of analytical research, and if anyone is interested in this field, we can also employ students here. The main thing for them is to have a desire and I am ready to cooperate" - May Chanturia, TMA graduate, general director of Clinic Curatio, executive director of GPI Holding, and head of the health insurance department in the business association.