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Amiran Gamkrelidze - public lecture at TMA


Amiran Gamkrelidze - public lecture at TMA

"Health for all" - this year, the World Health Organization (WHO) is celebrating the 75th anniversary of World Health Day with this slogan. TMA hosted a public lecture in recognition of this date. The lecture was led by Professor Amiran Gamkrelidze, expert in Public Health. “Can healthcare be accessible for everyone and what should be done to achieve this” – was the title of the talk during which the speaker discussed topics like main challenges of the 21st century in healthcare, the main factors affecting human health, how they can be prevented and managed, inequity in health care, its social, economic or other determinants.

"It was a good meeting with the students. A lot of them were interested in this topic. We talked about World Health Day and where this date comes from. This year's slogan is very important "Health for all". We talked about health as a primary human right, and that universalism is of great importance for the medical care of the population. A lot of good questions were posed by the students; they were interested in a lot of things and we had a pretty intense discussion. I can tell you directly that I am satisfied with today's meeting. I think we can talk and discuss many topics with them because they have very interesting, innovative thoughts. I wish to the students further success, and my recommendation is that they learn as much as possible" - Amiran Gamkrelidze.

A discussion was held after the lecture. The students had a number of questions for the speaker about the main challenges of global health.

"I think it is important that a meeting was held for students at TMA on this date. Amiran Gamkrelidze's presentation was interesting, how he described and discussed all the details. He emphasized the fundamental human right - health. This meeting made me to focus even more on the details that are important for me as a future doctor" Giorgi Bughadze, a first-year student.