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Meeting with the Editor of "Aversi" Magazine


Meeting with the Editor of

Why is it important to provide people with medical information in an understandable language?! TMA hosted the editor of "Aversi" magazine, Mari Ashugashvili, to talk about this topic. At the same time, Mari is a TMA graduate and a member of the TMA Alumni Club, who shared her experience with future colleagues. She emphasized the importance of providing information to the public correctly and easily. How future doctors should talk not only to patients but also to their family members and in general to those who are interested in medical topics. What resources can be used to bring medical information to the masses, etc.

"I am glad that students are interested in writing. We all agree that proper communication between doctor and patient is important. The doctor must be able to easily, understandably, and reliably convey information to the patient and not only to the patient. The doctor's word has great power. Future doctors must learn how to speak without all the medical and scientific terminology to be understood. This is necessary not only when talking to patients, but also to raise the awareness of the population. Students have already shared the topic, discussed in what form and on what platforms they will share what they have to say with the readers" - Mari Ashugashvili. During the meeting, several topics were highlighted, which are of interest to the students as well - the prehistory of medicine, medical discoveries, healthy lifestyle, eating disorders, proper nutrition and diet, discussion of stories of real patients, and others. Also, they discussed the form and means of sharing what they have to say with the readers.

"Students have already selected the topics on which we will write a blog, shoot small videos, or make posters, through which we will provide information to the readers on medical topics in a language they can understand. We have already received advice and recommendations from Mari Ashugashvili, and the next meeting is also planned. I think we will get an interesting project" - Elene Gubeladze, a third-year student.