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Visit of the European Students’ Union at TMA


Visit of the European Students’ Union at TMA

TMA hosted the participants of the European Students’ Union 84th Board Meeting. TMA students Mariam Jorbenadze, Nanuka Katchiuri, and Konstantine Gachechiladze made a presentation on mental health. They reviewed the services that the Academy offers the students and discussed extra-curricular activities that enhance the well-being of the students as well as of the beneficiaries of the partner organizations that work on the social issues. Also, they introduced the Academy's mission, goals, and challenges those modern students face.

Emily MacPherson, representative of the European Students’ Union Executive Committee, also made a presentation at the meeting. Her talk was about the mental health of students in Europe. She reviewed the challenges in this direction across European countries.

The meeting took place in the format of a discussion, which was facilitated by TMA students Mariam Kruashvili and Temiko Inasaridze.

"It was a well-organized event. An important emphasis was placed on the issue of mental health. I think that it is a difficult topic and it is necessary to discuss it. It's good that you students are talking openly about this issue and trying to help each other. Also, it is important that the university has a psychologist service to help students" - Adel Rizvi, Finnish student.

The organizer of the European Students’ Union 84th Board Meeting is the Georgian Student Organizations Association (SOA), which has been a full member of the European Students’ Union (ESU) since 2019.

ESU - was founded in 1982 and unites more than 20 million students from 41 states of the National Student Union. The European Students’ Union is the official youth organization of the European Union with a voting quota in the European Parliament and works closely with the European Commission, UNESCO, the Council of Europe, the Bologna Process Implementation Group, and others.