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Training for Teachers


Training for Teachers

TMA Faculty Development Department organized a week of training for teachers which was held at the Academy. The representative of the Scientific Research Department, Saba Iordanishvili, shared with the audience the methodical recommendation of TSA on academic integrity. The presentation also covered such an important issue as adherence to the principles of academic integrity by students in their portfolios. Within the framework of the training, Student Relations Coordinator Saif Rustum made a presentation about the opportunities of the Turnitin program.

As part of the training week, TMA Vice Rector in research, Ekaterine Kldiashvili spoke to the audience about the methodology of scientific communication. Reviewed the basic principles of organizing and evaluating student scientific work (presentation, essay, report, project). Maka Zarnadze, the head of the Faculty Development Department, introduced the audience to the basic principles of assessment in medical education. Meanwhile, the head of the examination center, Vakho Deisadze, presented international recommendations on the creation of the MCQ standard test.

The goal of teacher training is to promote the professionalization of academic and invited staff in the direction of teaching-learning, assessment methods, and development of scientific-research skills. Also, promoting the formation of a qualified and experienced team of academic and visiting staff, who share the vision of the Academy in the direction of teaching and research, the institutional culture of the Academy, and accordingly, take care of improving the quality of teaching.