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Earth Day Event at TMA


Earth Day Event at TMA

Tbilisi Medical Academy hosted an event, dedicated to Earth Day. The event was organized by the TMA Eco Club.

The guest of the event was Sandro Liluashvli, the head of the organization "Tene", who shared his experience in waste recycling with the students. He talked about how they process plastic waste and, as a result, make eco-friendly chargers.

The presentation entitled "Plastic Impact on the Environment and human health" was also presented by members of the Eco Club. Students spoke about the importance of sustainable development goals, as well as the harmful effects of pollutants on the physical environment. In particular, how it affects and harms living organisms.

Speakers also discussed the latest research on the link between polluted environments and the risk of cardiovascular disease. Studies on the harmful effects of micro and nano plastic pollution on various health indicators were discussed. Also, the harmful effects of microplastics, which contribute to the spread of infectious diseases and therefore harm the health of humans and other living organisms, were emphasized.

"Planetary health and in general, taking care of ecology is relevant and important. That is why we came up with the idea to establish an Eco Club at TMA. The Earth Day event is especially important to us as representatives of the medical field because of the impact it has on environmental pollution and human health. We believe that it was also important to connect these two topics, environmental protection, and medicine, and showcase the connection between them. Especially since "Tene", as one of the eco-friendly organizations, is already bringing this fact into reality, I mean waste recycling" - Saba Zakradze, first-year student, head of TMA Eco Club.

At the end of the event, Sandro Liluashvili noted that it was interesting for him, as a representative of the business field, to meet with medical students and also, it was interesting to listen to the presentation they presented. In addition, he emphasized the contribution that future doctors can make in raising public awareness of planetary health.

"I am happy with today's meeting. I really liked the presentation prepared by the students regarding the harmfulness of plastic, which was presented from a medical point of view. Since we mainly work in the business direction, we saw a very interesting connection. What contribution can the medical field make in raising public awareness. How harmful is plastic pollution and what is its negative impact on human health" Sandro Liluashvili, head of the organization "Tene”.