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CyberPatient Founder’s visit to TMA


CyberPatient Founder’s visit to TMA

Since 2021, Tbilisi Medical Academy cooperates with the company CyberPatient in the field of simulation learning. Within the framework of this partnership, in May 2023, Tbilisi Medical Academy hosted Dr. Karim Qayumi, the founder of the simulation platform CyberPatient. Professor of Surgery of British Columbia University and an expert of medical education, Professor Qayumi shared his knowledge and experience on simulation learning to TMA faculty and students. During an interactive meeting Professor Karim Qayumi shared insights on "The importance of simulation learning for competency based education".

The simulation platform CyberPatient is an effective possibility for mastering of diagnostical, clinical and treatment skills. By review of more than 100 simulation cases of difference medical fields students can practically apply their theoretical knowledge.