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“6 Days of Country Doctor” - The Second Stage Has Started


“6 Days of Country Doctor” - The Second Stage Has Started

The photo project "6 Days of Country Doctor” has started. Tbilisi Medical Academy (TMA) is implementing the trans-disciplinary student photo project for the second time. As a result of motivational letters, the special jury selected six students who this time will introduce the everyday life and work process of the doctors of the highland villages of Guria to the public through photos.

Before revealing the winning students, TMA students, including the participants of the first stage, had the opportunity to meet the co-author of the project, Leli Blagonravova. At the meeting, they talked about photography, photo art, and sports photographer Tamuna Kulumbegashvili shared her experience with the students as well.

Students participating in the second stage of the photo project are Ninutsi Pangani, Lika Kekelidze, Saba Zakradze, Salome Mumladze, Lela Koriauli, and Tamaz Okruashvili. In the first stage of the project, together with Leli Blagonravova, they will learn the basics of photography, as well as master the techniques of storytelling and writing. Later, they will go on an expedition, observe the work process of Gurian doctors, and make notes. At the final stage of the project, a magazine will be published and a photo exhibition will be organized.

“6 Days of Country Doctor” is a big challenge in my life. It is difficult to record the emotions of each person, to photograph the doctor and his patient, who is already experiencing pain and discomfort. To tell the truth, I did not expect to become one of the participants in this project. It is a doubly big responsibility for me because I am from Guria and I will photograph my people. This work requires not only emotional but also difficult technical work. However, I am ready for anything. I expect from this project that I will get a great experience, meet interesting people, and see medicine from a completely different angle. I think all future doctors need similar experiences because medicine is not just sitting in the office and receiving patients. Many things are hidden behind it. Especially when you capture the patient and his emotion. It comes closer to you" - Lika Kekelidze, a second-year student.

The first stage of the photo project was implemented in the mountainous Ajara. Six students of TMA introduced to society the daily life of doctors living in the villages of Skhalta, Ghorjom, and Khulo and shared the profession of a doctor seen from their perspective.

The goal of the project is to increase the awareness of doctors living in the highland region and to foster medical professionalism among students. However, this social project is focused on presenting the role and importance of the village doctor to the public. Also, to promote the motivation of employment of young doctors in mountainous regions and villages.