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How Do I Find a Source of Motivation?


How Do I Find a Source of Motivation?

"How do I find a source of motivation?" - Tbilisi Medical Academy organized training for students. The training was led by psychologist and trainer Nino Buadze.

The nature of motivation, mechanism, and sources of motivation was discussed at the meeting filled with interaction and various activities. Students had the opportunity to participate in the workshop, to think about the source of their motivation, and the factors affecting it, in their studies and their daily life. Also, on the connection between motivation and self-esteem and the dispositions that prevent them from staying more motivated during the learning process.

"It was interesting to meet the audience, the students' involvement was quite interactive. They had the opportunity to do an individual exercise, which is useful for them because it relates to their specific goal and they saw more clearly what their goal is. Students asked interesting questions. I think that in the future this will help them to effectively plan their wishes and goals" - said Nino Buadze.

During the meeting, students developed an individual strategy to achieve their goals, which will give them the benefit of applying these skills in life.

"I am satisfied with today's meeting because it made me think a lot about what is the basis of motivation, what affects it, and what is important to achieve the goal. The psychologist spoke interestingly and in detail. I think I will study more deeply what I have to do to achieve my goals" - Luka Ghviniashvili, first-year student.