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Educational Event


Educational Event

How do we increase students' motivation for independent learning? Tbilisi Medical Academy hosted an interactive meeting to share the innovations in the methodology of medical education. TMA lecturers gathered at an educational event to share their own experiences.

At the meeting, TMA lecturers - Manana Loladze, Ia Khakhutaishvili, Nanuka Tsiklauri, and Ia Khurtsilava reviewed the guidelines of the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) and the latest research published in the journal “Medical Teacher” in the direction of increasing student motivation and developing independent learning skills.

Speakers discussed the following topics: Motivation in Medical Education (AMEE Guide N115), Concept mapping: An aid to teaching and learning (journal “Medical Teacher”), Twelve tips for teaching neuroanatomy from the medical student's perspective (Journal “Medical Teacher”), Independent Learning and Study Skills (Practical Guide for Medical Teachers).

Along with sharing their international experience, attendees talked about how they try to increase students' motivation for independent learning within their teaching courses. The topic of the meeting was based on the results of the satisfaction survey of the staff involved in the implementation of the program and the student survey.