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AMEE Annual Conference


AMEE Annual Conference

AMEE 2023 conference was hosted by Glasgow (Scotland). The 7th International Conference on Faculty Development in the Health Professions also took place in conjunction with AMEE 2023.

Tbilisi Medical Academy was a part of both conferences. Representatives of the Academy were at the conferences - Tsisana Lomashvili (Head of the MD program), Nino Sikharulidze (Head of the Quality Assurance Department) Bidzina Chachkhiani (Deputy Head of the Quality Assurance Department), Maka Zarnadze (Head of Faculty Development Department), Kakha Bregvadze (Programme Development Department).

Academy representatives had oral presentations and e-posters. Nino Sikharulidze and Maka Zarnadze had oral presentations. Kakha Bregvadze had e-poster.

Maka Zarnadze

Effect of "Bacteria Game" on consolidation of knowledge in medical bacteriology and antibiotic therapy from the perspective of medical students

Mathilde Lescat - Université Sorbonne Paris Nord (Paris, France);

Manana Loladze, Saif Rustum, Tsisana Lomashvili, Dea Goderdzishvili, Magda Tvildiani -

Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy (Tbilisi, Georgia).

Nino Sikharulidze

Impact of COVID-19 and lockdown-related mental health issues on learning performance in medical education

Bidzina Chachkhiani, Salome khubulava - Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy (Tbilisi, Georgia);

N. Katrien Hargreivs - Tbilisi State Medical University (Tbilisi, Georgia).

Kakha Bregvadze

The Faculty Mentors’ Perceptions Towards Portfolio in Undergraduate Medical Curriculum at Tbilisi Medical Academy in Georgia - Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy (Tbilisi, Georgia).

The biggest event on the calendar of Medical Educators of the world each year is AMEE annual conference. Professionals and educators from around the world and from all healthcare sectors come together to hear and see new developments and techniques firsthand, discuss ideas - network and collaborate, get involved in hands-on workshops, and gain resources to help achieve excellence in their working environment.

Each year AMEE annual conference brings together professionals, educators, students, institutions, and organizations from a broad variety of healthcare sectors, to share, collaborate, and network. Addressing and showcasing the latest developments and practices in healthcare professions education and beyond, the annual AMEE conference is a chance to make connections, learn new approaches, and get involved in the development of our sector.