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Orientation meetings at TMA


Orientation meetings at TMA

Orientation meetings for freshmen continue. The representatives of the Institutional Culture Development Department of TMA and members of the Student Academy held another meeting with the freshmen. Within the framework of the meeting, the head of the Department of Institutional Culture Development, Maka Maglakelidze, introduced the mission and goals of TMA to the students and shared information about the student support services, in particular, the fact that students have the opportunity to use the services of a psychologist. In addition, she introduced social projects and partners with whom TMA implements various social projects.

The members of the Student Academy (SA) shared with the freshmen the goals of the SA, current projects, information about existing student clubs, and plans.

The meeting was also attended by students participating in the photo project "6 Days of a Country Doctor", who spoke about the details of the project and shared the profession and everyday life of a country doctor as seen through their eyes.

The meeting took place in an interactive format and all the interesting questions of the freshmen were answered.

During the orientation week, the students already had a meeting with the Dean of the School of Medicine and representatives of the Dean's Office, the Head of the Quality Assurance Department, and representatives of the departments of International Relations and Research, who provided information about the educational process, exchange and research programs and etc.