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Professor of the University of Zagreb at TMA


Professor of the University of Zagreb at TMA

From September 15 to September 24, 2023, TMA hosted an international expert, Professor Mladen Krajacic. During the two-day training, the microbiology expert presented the following topics to the students and academic staff of the Academy: Viruses – much more than disease agents and Bacteria – much more than disease agents.

During the meeting, the speaker talked about viruses and bacteria such as natural cohabitants of the human body, of which some are not just harmless bystanders, but contribute significantly to our well-being and normal biological functioning. Also, the speaker reviewed how we can use viruses, bacteria, and their structural elements and enzymes as cellular/molecular tools in biotechnology and molecular medicine.

Mladen Krajacic is a Tenured Full Professor at the University of Zagreb (Department of Biology). As a Head of the Laboratory and principal investigator in several research projects, he has been leading molecular biology investigations on viruses, subviral agents (viroids and satellite RNAs), and non-cultivable bacteria. The results of his investigations have been published in prominent scientific journals, of which some belong to the top 10% in the field.

In 2010 he founded the Division of Microbiology in the scope of the Department of Biology. He was a member of the University Council for Natural Sciences, as well as the Biology Board at the National Scientific Council.

He has long-lasting experience in the evaluation of academic/research institutions, study programs, and research grants, serving as an evaluator on both national and international levels.