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World Bioethics Day at TMA


World Bioethics Day at TMA

“To ensure that the next generation may live in a secure and successful future, we must begin acting now for both ourselves and them. We are attempting to demonstrate these issues to you along with their answers, with climate change being the primary issue of the day that affects every one of us” - this is an excerpt from the presentation presented by the first-year students of TMA Giorgi Barakadze, Shmagi Burduli, and Demetre Petriashvili, which was dedicated to the World Bioethics Day. This is a day dedicated to promoting ethical considerations in the life sciences and healthcare. This year's theme "Protecting Future Generations" emphasizes the need to ensure the well-being of future generations.

"Protecting future generations" - with the same title, TMA announced a student contest, where participants had the opportunity to present their works through various art mediums, such as painting and poetry. Some of them presented their own story with scientific posters.

The issues that the students brought forward in their work were climate change and related threats, the potential of using artificial intelligence in health care and also the thought-provoking side of using artificial intelligence in terms of bioethics, the doctor-patient relationship, the role and responsibility of the individual for the current processes in the world. Understanding how important it is for future generations to have clean air, water, and biodiversity in the world.

At the end of the meeting, the students agreed to take more concrete steps together to strengthen the "Green Policy" of the university. Certain topics raised during the session will be continued in the TMA debate club, which serves to promote the critical thinking of students.

From the works presented by the students, the present audience voted for one of the best works.

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