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World Vegan Day


World Vegan Day

What is the Plant-Based Treaty? It is part of a companion to the UNFCCC Paris Agreement, which aims to stop the widespread degradation of critical ecosystems caused by animal agriculture, promote a shift to more healthy, sustainable plant-based diets, and actively reverse the damage done to the planet.

The TMA Eco Club organized an event dedicated to World Vegan Day at the Tbilisi Medical Academy. Within the framework of the event, TMA students and guests talked about the necessity of planetary health and healthy nutrition.

"Today, we know how important it is for medical students to advocate for information about planetary health and climate change, and how dramatically it affects human health. It is for this purpose that we are planning to start the campaign Go Green! One of the tasks of the campaign is to promote plant-based food. In particular, to add more variety of vegan dishes to our cafeteria. And with this, TMA will become the first university in Georgia, to focus on this issue," said a fourth-year student of TMA, Rishu Shah.

Representatives of the non-governmental organization "Vegan Georgia" also participated in the event. They held a presentation in collaboration with the "Plant-Based Treaty" organization, where they introduced university students to various aspects of the usefulness of plant-based menus, talked about the importance of veganism and the initiative, why university menus should be veganized, what practical steps can be taken to implement this, and how students can get involved. in this process since their involvement in this process is important and decisive.

"This collaboration is very important for both us and the Academy because our main motivation is to bring our word about the idea of animal freedom and justice to as many people as possible and to spread the worldview of veganism. This will be very useful for the university itself because the spread of veganism responds to the modern requirements of the civilized world. The implementation of the mentioned initiative will be useful, because students will get much more useful, healthy, affordable food, which will be useful for both animals and health, for the planet and people themselves" - said Nini Turiashvili, who is the president of the non-governmental organization "Vegan Georgia".

Organization Vegan Georgia was founded in 2015. This is the first and so far, the only non-governmental organization in Georgia, that aims to protect farm animals and other representatives of the animal world, regardless of species. We are raising awareness about the importance of plant-based food, protecting fundamental animal rights, supporting plant-based places, initiatives or events, etc.