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Medicine: Innovations and Challenges 2023 (MEDIC 2023)


Medicine: Innovations and Challenges 2023 (MEDIC 2023)

On November 28-30 2023, Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy (TMA) hosted the international scientific conference "Medicine: Innovations and Challenges 2023 (MEDIC 2023)" in a hybrid format. The event received accreditation from EACCME®.

The primary objective of the MEDIC 2023 conference was to address current issues in medicine and healthcare, presenting innovative and interdisciplinary research and their outcomes while facilitating interactive activities. Throughout the event, attention was dedicated to the activities aimed at developing the research skills of young scientists and students.

Within the framework of the international scientific conference, discussions covered topics related to doctoral education, research evaluation, ensuring academic integrity in the era of artificial intelligence, and vital themes in medicine such as stem cells, molecular oncology, neurosciences, antibiotic resistance, personalized medicine, patient safety, and medical data analysis.

A satellite symposium was also conducted as part of the "Medicine: Innovations and Challenges 2023 (MEDIC 2023)" conference. The symposium focused on presenting the results of the project "HPV in Georgia," a collaborative effort between TMA and Charite – Universitatsmedizin Berlin.