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TMA Science Club: Recent Medical Breakthroughs


TMA Science Club: Recent Medical Breakthroughs

This past 30th of November, the TMA Science Club, in collaboration with Ilia State University, hosted an engaging and insightful series of talks focused on the latest breakthroughs in medical research. Students selected recent research findings and discussed

The symposium was part of TMA’s MEDIC2023 conference and showcased a range of exciting topics, demonstrating the vibrancy and innovation in current medical science:

  • Cutting-edge cancer therapies, including CAR-T, photoimmunotherapy, and more.
  • Innovative treatments for hypercholesterolemia, chronic pain, and Transthyretin Amyloidosis
  • Revolutionary approaches in antibiotics using nanoparticles.
  • Developments in biodegradable pacemakers and Alzheimer's Disease treatments.
  • Advances in liver repair with lab-grown cells.

Speakers: Ana Gabrichidze, Ana Gogoladze, Ana Katamadze, Ana Kvavadze, Elene Magaldadze, Ekaterina Arteaga, Giorgi Bughadze, Khatia Devadze, Ketevan Vephkvadze, Lela Koriauli, Leeroy Musiyarira, Mariam Tsiklauri, Moe Goto, Natali Kiladze, Rishu Shah, Shaima Alkodami, and Soso Obolashvili.