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Training Week in TMA


Training Week in TMA

TMA hosted the heads of the Curriculum Innovations in Medical Education Department (CIMED) Professor Jossete Denekens and Professor Herman Van Rossum (Antwerp / Belgium). Within the framework of the working visit, the professors met with the representatives of the administration, and the heads of the program, received information about the innovations already introduced in the educational program, and outlined plans. CIMED leaders attended the Case-Based Clinical Reasoning (CBCR) session and gave feedback to the students and lecturers.

During the visit, training sessions were held for the tutors of the clinical reasoning session, where the cases to be presented to the students were discussed. Also, they discussed assessment methods. The training was also held for new teachers - "Basic Principles of Medical Education Methodology", where after the mini-lecture, the lecturers were divided into groups and jointly wrote out the learning outcomes - teaching method and assessment method according to the task received from the trainers. After the role-play "Student-Patient" (anamnesis gathering) the participants had the opportunity to give feedback to the "Student" and then listen to the opinion of the trainers.

The working visit week also included training for portfolio mentors, where after a mini-lecture by Josette Denekens - "Why reflection is important", the mentors divided into groups discussed the (anonymous) self-analysis of one of the students provided by the trainers and discussed what kind of feedback would be most effective in this case.

The last meeting of the week was devoted to the training "Entrusted Professional Activity" (EPA), where CIMED leaders introduced the theoretical aspects of EPA to the participants, examples of world experience, and then, together with the head of the program, Nino Kekenadze, presented the plan for the implementation of EPA in pilot mode to the participants. After the role-play "Student-Patient" (anamnesis collection) was conducted as part of the training, the participants had the opportunity to give feedback to the "Student" through a pre-designed evaluation sheet.