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TMA Students in Elderly homes


TMA Students in Elderly homes

"Dear youngsters, we are the past, and you are the future. We indeed crossed paths at some point in our lives, however, we will not be able to see what you will see in the future, and what we have already gone through and seen, you will not be able to see, so let’s tell each other stories more often" - said the 85-year-old resident of the elderly home, Grandpa Giorgi.

The elderly people living here have an interesting and varied history. Everyone told their story. Some in a verse, and some in a song. We danced, sang, and tried to create a pre-New Year mood for the elderly.

"Thank you for making us so happy and making our day beautiful" - this is how the grandparents said goodbye to our students. The students also promised that they would definitely come back to share new stories with them.

TMA students visited elderly homes located in Tbilisi and Rustavi. They gave the old people New Year's gifts and necessary equipment.