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Blood Donation


Blood Donation

Why is blood donation important? And do you know that donating blood is beneficial for your health?!

"Donation is a voluntary, easy, safe, and painless process. For this, a person must have a good will to donate blood twice a year. Especially since blood banks need a certain number of healthy donors every day" - noted Mariam Gudushauri, head of the blood bank department of the Eristavi National Center of Surgery.

According to her, donation is a process useful for health, which significantly rejuvenates the body, and most importantly, it is necessary to save other people.

In partnership with Eristavi National Center of Surgery TMA hosted another social activity, a blood donation campaign which was held with the involvement of students.

It is important that TMA carries out many activities within the framework of its third mission, social responsibility, with the involvement of students and administrative staff. Such projects are

aimed at increasing the sense of social responsibility among students and at the same time, promoting the development of Georgian society.

"I think that donating blood is necessary. Because the blood donated by each person can save the lives of three people. For us, even more so for medical students, it is important to donate blood, to understand our responsibility, and to call other people to donate blood and save others' lives" - emphasized Tornike Mikeladze, a second-year student of TMA.

More than 60 students participated in the blood donation campaign.