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Art Therapy


Art Therapy

"Mental health is very important in everyday life. Although stress or similar emotions may not appear to any of us at first glance, at the end of the day, everyone has to fight with their obstacles in life," words of TMA student Anano Akhobadze, head of the student club "Community Helpers", who is implementing the "Art Therapy" project.

"Art therapy" is a topic that is intended for people of any age and gives the project participants the opportunity to convey the emotions they feel through the paintings: fear, stress, sadness, or joy. The project emphasizes the connection between art and medicine. This transdisciplinary approach helps the project participants to discover different possibilities in themselves and convey their emotions through art.

It is important that the participants have already discovered in themselves the creative skills they possess and can use in the future to solve various problems and pursue their goals. Based on this experience, Anano Akhobadze believes that it will be interesting to further expand the project and involve more participants in it. "Some drew a funny painting, some a sunset, nature, a landscape, and all of them revealed elements of their inner world. The meeting turned out to be therapeutic and at the end of the event everyone was happy," said Anano.

TMA implements several projects in line with its third mission; among those projects synergy of medicine and art takes a special place, which in turn provides students with new knowledge and further develops their abilities in creative thinking. The project "Art therapy" gave the participants the opportunity to engage in an activity that was focused on their mental health and helped them discover different skills within themselves.

Anano Akhobadze, head of the "Community Helpers" club, and at the same time Flex program alumni received a grant from the Office of Local American Councils, which is funded by the US State Department, to implement the "Art Therapy" project.