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First Aid Training for the Population of Bakuriani


First Aid Training for the Population of Bakuriani

The importance of first aid care and how to act in extreme situations?

With the involvement of TMA students and academic staff, first aid training was conducted for the interested population in Bakuriani. The event was organized by TMA within the Erasmus+ project - LIFESTRAND.

How to assess the injured person, how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, trauma management at the pre-hospital level (before bringing to the clinic), types of traumatic limb injuries, ways of immobilization, types of bleeding and methods of stopping them - these are the issues that the trainers focused on. The interested population had the opportunity to participate in the practical activity.

"I attended the first aid training, which was very useful. I got experience in how to help a person in a critical situation. I believe that the more citizens attend such training and get practical experience, the more people will appear in the society who can help another person in a critical situation and even save his life," said Giorgi Balakhadze, who is an employee of one of the hotels in Bakuriani.

In addition, the students attending the training took part in a simulated field activity, which involved finding first aid for "injured" people.

Students of Tbilisi State University, Tbilisi State Medical University, Grigol Robakidze Medical University, Alte University, and Georgian-American University also participated in the simulation activity.

“As a medical student, it is very crucial for me to study first aid management as it is the first step in handling multi-trauma accidents and can happen anytime and anywhere, and it is best to be ready always. Similarly, I think it is equally important for us junior trainers to train other civilians in such cases as it is not quite possible that experts might be present at the site of an accident and early management can save a lot of lives” - said TMA student Rishu Shah.

“As a medical student, it is very important for me to study first aid management. This is the first step in how to deal with many traumatic events later on, so I must always be prepared. In addition, I think that it is equally important for us junior trainers to train ordinary citizens, because in critical situations, it is the timely management of trauma that can save a lot of lives" said Rishu Shah, an international student of TMA.

TMA's goal is to raise awareness of first aid in society through similar training and share practical skills in this direction with the interested population. Which, in turn, will contribute to the creation of a safe environment for the population and tourists in Georgia.

The first aid information campaign for students and academic staff is in line with the goals and objectives of the ERASMUS+ project LIFESTRAND.

The EU project LIFESTRAND, which is implemented under the leadership of TMA and unites 9 universities of Georgia, Ukraine, Spain, and Portugal, aims to teach first aid skills to staff, students, and the general public of Ukrainian and Georgian universities and share experience in this direction. Also, teaching first aid skills to vulnerable populations living in potentially high militaristic risk zones and affected by Russian occupation and military aggression.

TMA carries out several activities within the framework of its third mission, social responsibility, and its goal is to promote the development of Georgian society through research-based activities.

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