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Open Door Day - First Aid Training


Open Door Day - First Aid Training

TMA hosts prospective students interested in medicine on open-door days.

How to act quickly and correctly in extreme situations? How should cardiopulmonary resuscitation and trauma management be done at the pre-hospital level? Types of traumatic injuries of limbs, ways of immobilization, types of bleeding, and methods of stopping them - these are the issues that our academic staff and students discussed with the prospective students who came to TMA.

The prospective students participated in the first aid simulation training at the clinical skills center of TMA. They got acquainted with the teaching-research laboratory, the library, and its resources, they got comprehensive information about the academy's study and exchange programs, student life, and university scholarship. They were guided and mentored by TMA students.

"I heard about the academy from a friend last year. I was very interested and since then I have been constantly following through social networks. Since the open-door days are for prospective students only, I was looking forward to when it was announced so that I could visit the space and learn more about TMA. This place exceeded my expectations. I really liked the academic space: library, laboratory, clinical skills center, and of course the training. I would also like to mention that both the students and the administration welcomed us very warmly. Communicating with them was very pleasant, which convinced me even more that I want to continue my studies here" - Guga Gurjidze, 178 school student.