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Project - "Caring With Kindness"


 Project  -

Another social project was implemented by the initiative of the TMA student club "Helpers of Community". The head of the club, Anano Akhobadze, united TMA students around this slogan, "Caring with kindness", who collected clothes for a small family-type home, whose beneficiaries are children.

The members of the club involved the 61st public school of Tbilisi in the implementation of this initiative. The students introduced the essence and importance of the project to the students of the school. The pupils collected the equipment, clothes, toys, books, etc. for the children. The items collected by the joint efforts of students and pupils were given to a small family-type house "Divine Child Foundation of Georgia (DCFG)". The goal of the project was to brighten up an ordinary day for children living in family homes and show them warmth and care.

"I called the project "Care with kindness". My goal was to show warmth and love to these children. I think their reality is difficult and they really need to show this kind of love from us. It is precisely love that ultimately unites all of us, it gives us energy and hope for a better future. As Eldar Shengelaya's movie character says "Love is the parent of dreams" and I believe it, the main thing is to give others the opportunity to see it" - said Anano Akhobadze.