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Open Door Day - Third Session


Open Door Day - Third Session

"I heard about the academy from friends and social networks. Many of my friends are studying here and they recommended TMA to me. I had good expectations from the beginning and I had an idea of what kind of environment I would find. And now, I'm even more convinced that I made the right choice by enrolling in the academy in the first place. Because it's a student- and learning-oriented environment, and that's exactly what I'm looking for in a university. I found modern approaches, kind lecturers, and generally a very good environment. I made sure that my friends at the academy also had the right grade. What I was looking for from social networks, I found exactly what I found here," said Tekle Chincharauli, a 12th-grader of the first experimental school, who came to the open-door day.

Open-door days continue in TMA. Applicants interested in medicine had the opportunity to experience a virtual hospital this time. CyberPatient is a kind of bridge between theory and practice. Through this platform, a virtual patient can be examined, history taken, physically examined, diagnosed, treated, and observed. Prospective students who came to TMA had the opportunity to adapt to the role of a doctor and meet virtual patients. In addition, they received information about study and exchange programs and funding opportunities. Also, they visited the building and got acquainted with all the learning resources that will be actively used in the learning process. Traditionally, prospective students were guided by TMA students.