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Meeting with Portfolio Mentors


Meeting with Portfolio Mentors

Another working meeting was held with the portfolio mentors organized by the faculty development department of the TMA.

During the meeting, the mentors discussed the challenges in the portfolio and shared their experiences in this direction. The mentors participated in an Objective Structured Teaching Exercise (OSTE) aimed at developing portfolio mentors' skills in providing effective feedback to students.

The mentors had the opportunity to observe the simulated individual meeting of the standardized student and the mentor within the mentioned exercise and express an opinion (debriefing) about the feedback given by the mentor within the mentioned simulation scenario. During the brainstorming/debriefing, the mentors used the effective feedback evaluation sheet developed by the Faculty Development Department.

A similar Objective Structured Teaching Exercise (OSTE) was also used in the training of clinical course providers by CIMED leaders, where trainees observed a simulated standardized student-clinician encounter and then provided feedback to a colleague via a pre-designed evaluation sheet. In order to be more similar to the work environment, the aforementioned OSTE was held in the clinical-skills center of the academy, where during the debriefing, the participants of the meeting also had the opportunity to watch the video recording of the simulation meeting to concentrate more on the details.